Isaac Newton

Software Engineer

I am a professional passionate about what I do and all kinds of technology,
from bits that pass through registers to the highest level of abstraction systems.

About Me

  • Name: Isaac Newton
  • Date of birth: 12 Dec 1995
  • Address: Lisbon - Portugal
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Email:


This page is my portifolio and through it I wish show a little of my works for the world and maybe help some developer or curious to learn something nice.

My history?

My career as a developer started at the university where besides research I developed projects to help the community. Also during the course, I specialized in full-stack development and can do freelance work in different roles and companies. In 2018 I moved to Portugal as a trainee at MagniFinance, where later I became lead developer. In 2020 I accepted new challenges for work in several differents technologies in the consulting industry and specialized me in Cloud Computing.


  • Professional Google Cloud Architect
  • Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert
  • AZ-400 - Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
  • AZ-204 - Microsoft Azure Developer Associate
  • AZ-900 - Azure Fundamentals
  • Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate - CertiProf


Years of Experience


Cloud Development/DevOps





Latest Post


A novel method for shape analysis based on statistics of Euclidean distances

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